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Strategies For Making Your Event A Special

This was my motto long before the ever-dapper Tim Gunn coined it on Project Runway. Although I must admit he sounds a lot better saying it, then I do. I dont know one successful meeting planner or any other professional, who hasnt found herself in a do-or-die, make-it-work situation. And the people who make the final cut find a way to roll with the punches.

Planning meetings and events is a lesson in Zen. The preparation is rigorous and extensive, but there is only so much of that you can do. At one point or another, the attendees get there; the caterer has an emergency or the venue floods, and you just have to set your expectations free and think on your feet. Making it work, and striving for excellence is a huge part of every business womans life. After 20 years in the meetings industry, its a concept that is at the root of everything I do.

Meeting and Events Misconceptions There are a lot of misconceptions about the meetings and events industry. To outsiders, event planning must appear to be too much fun also to be hard work. Take it from an expert. We do not party planners. Women attending meetings and events are not there to enjoy the complementary shrimp and score a goodie-filled bling bag.

Networking at events lays the groundwork for serious business deals, some of which are signed and sealed right there in the exhibit hall. The adage meetings mean business might sound like a cliché, but its the absolute truth of the matter.

A $450+ Billion Industry

The meetings and events industry is responsible for $458 billion of the countrys gross domestic product. It employs 1.7 million people in the United States alone. This often overlooked industry has a more significant economic impact than the automotive manufacturing and air transportation industries. Even in the digital age, business keeps circling back to the importance of face-to-face contact with their prospective customers and clients. They want to see a smile and feel the strength of a potential partners handshake. That is what the meetings and events industry is all about. Even if you dont leave a gathering with a check in your pocket, or the promise of one in the mail, weve created the environment you need to make connections and open the doors of opportunity.

The Devil in the Details

With that in mind, you would be surprised to hear how the importance of small details is amplified in this industry. What might seem trivial to attendees can threaten the ruin of an entire convention.

On the day of an important event, name badges without neck cords were delivered to an associate of mine which might not seem like a world-shattering problem, but name badges at meetings are vital. She immediately deployed her staff to every hardware store in a ten-mile radius to snap up all the cords in town. When Everything Goes Wrong . . .

A more thrilling tale comes from another colleague in the industry. At three in the morning of event-day, her entire hard drive was wiped just as she was finalizing appointments for upwards of 150 attendees. Everything shed prepared for the next days 15-hour event was gone.

Panicked but calm, she called her companys IT guy, left a message, and only then burst into tears. Wiping them away, she called her mother and started surfing Craigs List for a new job. Then reason set back in. She pulled it together and began rebuilding what she had lost. Eventually, the IT guy called her back and together they restored the lost materials, just before the conference opened. Technology

I dont know a single professional who hasnt faced a similar Technological Armageddon. At Smart Meetings we use Certain Software to manage our events department. Their event management technology allows us to be more accurate, precise and efficient in everything that we do. Because it is a hosted program, theres no danger of our data being wiped out.

Planning meetings, working with meeting planners, and writing about meetings and events has required the implementation of every business skill Ive ever learned. There has been one constant over time showing up every day to put in the time and dedication necessary to succeed.

In my opinion, Flex time is a myth and part-time an endangered species. We live in an age where time off is earned with blood, sweat, and tears. That being the case, its necessary to love what you do. Because in the absence of passion, youll never be able to do whats necessary to Make It Work!

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Birthday Blast With Aalsmeer Artists

Your birthday happens once a year, and what better way is there to celebrate it than to round up your friends and invite them to a birthday party with a dinner show? Such is a must-seen and memorable event.

A dinner show with Aalsmeer artists is your best bet. The professional entertainers are game and in their best element as they dress up to your preferred theme. A birthday party with a dinner show usually has the following themes and packages that you will surely love:

Musketeers. Relive the swashbuckling experience and 18th century France as the Aalsmeer artists pretend to be Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and DArtagnan in the well-loved classic The Three Musketeers. See the entertainers in their wonderful cloaks, plumed hats, boots, and swords. You could have a birthday cake shaped like the Louvre Palace, or a birthday card that looks like a recommendation letter from the lieutenant of the musketeers.

Pirates. Another swashbuckling adventure awaits the birthday celebrator with a Caribbean-like cruise with Aalsmeer artists in this pirate birthday party with dinnershow . The venue is complete with pirate ships and hats, which you can have customized for your friends. You may also request for scrolls and treasure chests for games and prizes. Artists also prepare a two to three-hour drama and swordplay for you and your guests.

Medieval Times. Aalsmeer artists will amaze you with their long gowns, tight stockings, and unique headdresses as they sing, dance, and act as nobilities during medieval times. Special appearances of knights, kings, queens, and jesters will have lauding and laughing. It will definitely be a dinner show to remember, as you imagine Chaucers characters, or King Arthur and his knights perform before you.

Moulin Rouge. Want to dance the can-can or see gorgeous ladies in high skirts and pretty heels? A Moulin-Rouge inspired dinner show will sweep you off your feet as the Aalsmeer artists transport you to 19th century Paris, where lovers of all ages gathered to watch the much talked-about Moulin Rouge entertainers.

Faerie Queene. In this fairytale-inspired theme, guests are treated to a garden-like venue, with enchanting nature sounds and entertainers dressed as fairies to tickle your fancy. The artists usually perform A Midsummer Nights Dream, a Shakespeare favorite, where the actors dress up as Grecian citizens and creatures of the fairy realm. Floral-designed cakes and souvenirs await you as you eat dinner that is only fit for royalty.