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Wine Pairings And Ethnic Foods

Understanding which wines to pair with ethnic foods can be difficult. You must know which wines should be served with spicy food and which wines should be avoided. The following information will teach you how to pair a delicious red wine with spicy dishes, such as hot curry.

Indian Curry Dishes in Britain Require a Special Wine Pairing

When it comes to specialty dishes, a special wine will need to be chosen. This is true for most Indian curry dishes, including those that gained popularity while India was one of the British colonies. You must carefully consider which wine to serve with this meal. Typically, beer is the drink of choice to pair with hot Indian curry; however, more and more restaurants and diners are realizing that red wine can enhance the elegance and taste of this meal. Furthermore, red wine can balance your meal.

In order to choose the correct red wine, you must educate yourself. No two curries taste the same because the amount of spice and heat in the dish can vary. The type of wine that you choose is based on the heat and spice of the dishes. There are few things to keep in mind when looking at the different wine options to pair with your curry dish.

What to Look for When Choosing a Wine to Pair with Curry

In my local Loughborough takeaway there are several things to consider when choosing a curry to pair with your wine. The first thing to think about is how spicy the curry is. The amount of heat in the dish will determine the wine to be used. A milder dish will be able to be paired with a number of different red wines while a hotter curry will only be able to be paired with a few wines. You may need to try out several different wines to find one that pairs beautifully with the curry dish.

Typically, you should avoid wines that taste bitter or clash with other types of spicy dishes. This will help you find a wine that will balance the spice of the curry beautifully on the palate. In addition to this, you will need to pay attention to what will be served with the curry. Will you be eating a bread that tastes nutty? Will you be enjoying a vegetable side or something else? What you eat alongside the curry will also effect which wine you should choose. You want a wine that will not only pair with the curry but will also pair with the rest of the meal.

Where You Should Begin Your Search

When looking for a wine to pair with a curry, choose one that is mostly fruity and slightly sweet. This will help offset the heat and spice of the dish. To help ensure that the wine is on the fruity side, opt for one that does not contain as much alcohol.

One of the best wines to pair with a curry is a German Riesling. This wine is sweet without being too sweet. The slight sweetness of the wine will help tame the heat without being overly sweet. Visit your favorite wine store and ask for help if you do not have much experience choosing a German Riesling. They will help you to choose the perfect wine for your meal.

Other choices that can be paired with a curry include Pinot Gris and a fruity Chardonnay. You want a wine that is lower in alcohol, isn't too dry and has a nice fruity balance to balance the heat of the dish.

Start with either a German Riesling, a Chardonnay or a Pinot Gris when you are searching for a great wine to pair with your favorite curry dish.

The Type of Meat Used in the Curry Can Determine the Type of Wine that Should Be Served

When it comes to wine and food pairings, the right wine can enhance or ruin your meal. Red wine that pairs deliciously with lamb may not blend well with fish or braised steak. If you would like to enhance the heat of a dish, opt for a spicy red wine. This will enhance the flavor of the meal without clashing with it. Continue reading to learn about the different options available that can pair with your meal.


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