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Testing The Versatility Of A Box Cheese Grater

The kitchen is one place in your home where creativity and imagination are tops. This means that anything and everything that you do and create in the kitchen should be added with an excellent serving of creativity. And where imagination is involved, the box cheese grater  can be as versatile as any other kitchen utensil.

Contrary to what you and other people know, boxed cheese graters are used in the culinary world for a lot of different purposes, aside from grating cheese, of course. You will be interested to know that almost any cooking ingredient can pass through those grater slots to create fantastic looking cuts.

Here are some of those ingredients, aside from cheese, that you can experiment the versatility of your cheese grater with.

Chocolates everyone loves chocolates. Grating a chunk of dark chocolate or even a milk chocolate bar on top of your favorite dessert is one good way to elevate your creation. Whether its on top of your ice cream, a freshly-baked banana cream pie, a freshly made avocado juice, or any other dessert that you can think of, grated chocolates are simply luscious.

Oranges and other citrus fruits for those dishes that require citrus zests, if you do not have a tool that is specifically designed for removing the zest from citrus fruits, you can use the finer section of your cheese grater.

Garlic tired of pounding or dicing your garlic? Running them across the surface of a grater should do the trick.

Carrots for cakes and pancakes or as garnish over pasta or salad.

Onions for that delectable soup. Grating onions is also more advisable than chopping them. Additionally, grated onion is perfect for hiding those big onion slices that put off a great number of kids.

Potatoes for that hash brown or even as a potato pancake. Grated potatoes are also excellent soup thickeners so you will not be needing flour anymore.

Nuts are best served chopped. However, if it becomes tiring to chop them, why not grate them instead on your cheese grater?

Ginger is best grated when you want to extract its juice. Grating creates a lump of ginger fiber. You just need to squeeze it thoroughly to extract the juice.

Coconuts, zucchinis, radishes, cucumbers, and horseradish can all be grated for a great variety of dishes. In some cultures, grating meat can be a substitute for ground meat. The texture might not be the same though.

Nonetheless, the versatility of a cheese grater is limitless. It can only be limited by your creativity and imagination.      


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