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Practical Tips For Waffle Makers

Waffles have been around in the U.S. for several hundred years but since the millennium their popularity seems to have soared and is now accepted as standard breakfast fair in most U.S. households. Waffles are now available in frozen form from supermarkets and in ready to eat form from take away establishments, but the home made variety still seem to be the most favored approach to producing the daily waffle intake.

Traditionally Waffles are made by baking batter between two cast grid iron plates with mirror image, embossed surfaces, which produce a single finished waffle.

Historically, the classic American waffle is a thin, browned and crispy texture and was originally introduced from Europe by Dutch pilgrims. More recently, in the mid 1960's the Belgian waffle was introduced to the U.S. at a World Food Fair in New York. The Belgian waffle is thicker and has deeper pockets on the top for additions such as cream, syrup and jam. This has recently rivalled the American Classic waffle in general popularity.

Today both types of waffle are available using electric waffle maker machines, but one machine will only make one type of waffle. So your preferred type of waffle has to be identified before purchase.

The following video shows what features are available in a modern electric waffle maker machine:

Before using your chosen waffle maker, check that it has removable non-stick plates. If not, spray the plates with non-stick oil to ensure that finished waffles can be removed easily without mess when baking is finished and that the washing up after use is made as easy as possible.

The first step is to set the waffle maker to warm and come up to the required temperature that will give you the preferred result. You then need to add the batter and allow the machine to bake the contents for a given time at a specified temperature, until the waffle is ready. Now all of this sounds complicated and there are many variables that can be inadvertently introduced.

All electric waffle makers address this issue, some more so than others. So look carefully at the monitoring and control features of your particular machine. These will vary with each machine, offering from the basic power on / off, oven thermostat and possibly mechanical time, all the way to power on/off, oven ready-to-cook, cooking timer, cooking complete, accompanied by continuous monitoring and readouts on a digital display screen.

Experiment with your machine to find out what it can do automatically, test for the settings that give you the best results and then always use those exact settings. This will ensure perfect reproduction of your favorite waffle every time.

Finally make sure you read the instructions that come with the machine. Trial and error takes longer and won't give you the best results.

For further information on the control features available in some of the best waffle maker machines, I recommend you visit here.


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